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Finance Case Study

CLIENT: National Penn Bank, PA.

BRIEF: National Penn Bank recognized the potential of a growing Hispanic community in the areas they serve. The bank needed to build a relationship with this emerging market.

INSIGHTS: There is a lack of trust in financial institutions by Hispanics because banks in Latin countries usually charge very high fees, checking accounts are primarily for businesses, and there is a strong cash culture for saving money, especially among the older Latino generation.

WHAT I DID: I created two communication strategies. First, for targeting the older Hispanic generation, the message was in their primary language, Spanish, promoting free saving and checking accounts and also as a tool to pay bills safer than using cash. Second, to target a young Latino audience, the strategy was to promote basic financial literacy among college students through radio interviews and social media.

IMPACT: After a year-long campaign, National Penn Bank was voted the People’s Favorite Bank Award in a survey by readers of the prominent newspaper in the region, El Torero, in PA.

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